For Healthcare Professionals

For Doctors...

Doctors who have taken the course have used it in a variety of ways, but two stand out. The first is bringing the yogic techniques taught in the training, such as simple breathing exercises and guided meditation, into their practice. The second is introducing a yoga program or class at their office - some doctors do this as part of once-a-month seminars they offer to their patients covering a variety of wellness practices.

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"From the first day of training, all aspects were incredible and very informative. I would definitely recommend this training to my peers and colleagues."

Therapeutic Yoga Training Graduate
November 2014

For Nurses...

If you are a nurse working in a hospital, clinic, or private setting, looking for ways to bring comfort and care to your patients is a top priority. This fully accredited training has been used by nurses for more than twenty years to expand their scope of knowledge. The Therapeutic Yoga Training provides nurses with tried-and-true healing tools that are immediately usable and effective. The training was designed from the outset to help bring yoga into clinical care settings and thus, attendance by nurses has been an essential part of the program’s spirit from the very beginning.

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Examples of how nurses use Therapeutic Yoga:

  • using guided imagery with a patient before or during a difficult procedure
  • propping a patient’s body for comfort
  • using breathing techniques to reduce patient anxiety and stress

In addition to providing ways to facilitate patient health and healing, the strategies taught in this training are also useful tools for self-care, helping nurses to stay well as they serve the community.

CBRN CEUs available upon completion of the course.

For PTs & OTs

The Therapeutic Yoga Training program provides a unique opportunity for physical therapists and occupational therapists to expand the set of skills in their repertoire for rehabilitating their patients. The style of yoga taught in the training is quite gentle and makes use of propping to support and open the body. These poses are great for use with senior patients who may need a gentle approach. Likewise, they are also excellent for patients who are in various stages of healing, both from injury and illness. Many of the poses offer a low-load, long-duration stretch which is ideal for patients who are recovering from surgery and various mobility restrictions.

The training includes anatomy, with a specific focus on the spine and joint health as well as an in-depth lecture on connective tissue and adhesions. In addition, the training covers the effects of stress on the body and includes strategies for teaching patients to manage their stress and anxiety levels. Other curriculum topics include breath-work for health and wellbeing, guided meditation, and hands-on healing techniques.

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Arturo demonstrating with spine

I am honored to have had Cheri and Arturo as teachers in my life. I am eager to share the light through my physical therapy and therapeutic yoga teaching to others. Namaste.

-Shana C., New York